Lessons From My Auditory Hallucinations: You’re Too Attached to Words

How the unchecked power of words in my life was affecting my most important relationships.

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“You’re too attached to words.”

My immediate reaction was, “Well, obviously.” I’m a writer, and I love to talk. As an artist, words are my preferred material.

I so desperately want to be listened to.

I need my words to be heard. I cling to this need as if this is the one and only solution to my problems, and if it doesn’t happen, my life as I know it will disappear.

I see comments directed towards me as a reflection of myself, not of the sender.

He also speaks to me in a much looser, less articulated manner that becomes a problem when I cling to each word as naked truths. I usually end up attaching meanings to words and phrases that were never meant to coexist, catapulting us into a matrix-like discussion of arguments within arguments.

And I never forget words.

I can also pull out something that was said to me weeks, months, years prior to use against anyone at any time. If you say something to me that I deem significant, I file it away in the innermost depths of my soul, waiting to be used when something of the contrary is presented to me.

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Ecofeminist | Physics enthusiast | Lover | Wannabe poet | MS Environmental Studies and Sustainability

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